Nazi Zombies to be keep in dark till 11.09.10

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They will do this like how they did the last zombie map with all the hype.

type 99 and map pack 4

The build up of all the hype
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i wouldnt be so sure yet. just wait for May 28th to get some details on the game and maybe some nazi zombie news
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tbh untill we played W@W did we know anything about zombies ? i wasnt a huge forum fan back then so to me it was a total wow factor add in..

this time we all hope for somethign but i think they can keep quiet what it is untill its played and completed by the 1st person..

if it comes as an unlock anyways.
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I dont think it will be zombies this time, Im sure it will be exaclty the same as the zombies idea. But I dont think it will be zombies, more likely to be viet cong running at you non stop with bayonnets or something like that
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