[OGC] recruiting..[official ps3 clan]...APPLY TODAY!!!

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[OGC] recruiting..[official ps3 clan]...APPLY TODA...

wassup everybody this is the officicial recruitment page of the new found COD: Black Ops 2 clan.. OGC..OGC stands for Original Gun Clappers cuz that what we do. we have been around for a little over a year but weve kept it a tight knit clan.. as of now we have 4 members which all know each other and play together alot. We are looking for members to join our clan and contribute to the mass murdering thats going on. We are looking for players who have the following skills and/or abilities:

  • Must be an active member. We all play just about EVERY day so we are looking for active people.
  • Must know the game well and be able to hang along with us and even top us sometimes.
  • K/D is NOT a FACTOR... WE dont look at k/d as a role whic can revoke you
  • A mic is optional but it would be nice to have people to be able to communicate. The losses of not having a mic is when a war comes we will take people with mics over those without.
  • Be able to play all game types and hold a certain role in the game whichever it may be.
  • Listen to directions given in game
  • Not be an asshole and just get along with everyone

We play ALL gametypes..not just core or hardcore or anything. We play everything.. from bonus,to core,to hardcore, to moshpit games, to custom games, to anything yall want.

WE will starting up a league play team and if members should pile up we will have multiple ogc divisions and be taking league play by storm...

An official forums will be added soon but for now just hit up otkstone or yungshotgunna on psn..send a fr or a message and put ops 2 clan as the subject or something of those lines..well hope to see yous apply...peace

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Interesting that the OGC has spread so far, I am trying to get a handle on our membership, as I am not a fan of black ops 2 I am not familiar with your tag. We continue to play mw3 daily. We our particularly dominant in the drop zone game mode on which the clan was founded. If you were not aware the OGC was formed by 5 individuals formerly of the Iraqi crime family. I am very interested in who recruited you into the clan and we are very happy you are representing the clan in black ops. If you ever resume mw3 check us out and I will do the same in black ops.                               As always, king Godfrey, (FIRST FIVE)

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Re: [OGC] recruiting..[official ps3 clan]...APPLY ...

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add goddamnthatsapro

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