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OHIO clan? PS3

I play WAW on PS3 and on occasion i see the clan OHIO and wouldnt mind joining, dont know if its just a few of ya, or if your regirstered or if you even care, but if anyone see's this let me know. Im interested cause im from OHIO, i play in the evenings, im in my later 20's, let me know.
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Re: OHIO clan? PS3

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Hello grandamage. Sure we would love to have you in the OHIO clan. We have 24 members at this point and seem to be growing every week. KDR doesn't matter. We have lots of fun and believe this or not, I am 47 lol. I have several members in their 40's or close to 40. I am the Clan Leader so if you want to join the OHIO clan just send me a friend request to ZIGGY44820 and I'll hook you up. Have a great day bro and Thanks very much. We are on PS3....

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