Octane: Poor map design

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Octane is my one of my least favorite maps in ghost besides Stonehaven and Siege.

Octane has the right map size that we wanted but terible map design. That map is built for campers and bad players.You get to chose between four camping locations, motel, strip club, garage, or pawn shop. Not to mention the fact that people fortify the pace with IED's, IMS's, and sentry guns. And there being noobs by using there thermal scoped LMG's, OP sniper riffles, and tracker sights. This map promotes no movement because right when you walk into the middle of the map you hear four or five snipers go off


Do you like Octane

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Down= no

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1. I like Octane.  It's a good sized map and you never have to go far to find a gun fight.

2. Why would you ever walk into the middle of any map.  That's always been no mans land.  Perhaps you didn't mean it literally but if that's what you are doing then you only have yourself to blame.

3.  I have no trouble whatsoever moving around Octane.  Yes it has a lot of headglitch spots but there are vantage points that give you access to all of them.  There are also routes that protect you from them.  You need to work on your routes.

4.  Six months into the game and your complaining about attachments, streaks and lethals.  This tells me that you are very limited in your class loadouts.  I'm going to tell you something earth shattering but helpful.  It's okay to have variety in your loadouts and by variety I don't mean multiple classes with the exact same setup but one of them has a silencer and one has a muzzle break.  You may not do this but I'm amazed at how many players do and then complain.  So I'm going to give you a loadout that will eliminate all of your item issues:

Gun:  AK-12 with silencer and Armor piercing (or add a sight if you like)

Perks: Blind Eye, Sitrep, Incognito, Blast Shield, Focus

Streaks: Ballistic Vest, Night Owl, Oracle

I know what you are thinking.  "But I can't run non-stop with this setup."  Yes you are right.  You can still run but you will have to be smarter about when and where you run to.  This will force you to develop better routes and learn to stay out of the long lines of sight that are getting you killed.  Once your routes have improved you will find that you can change things up and have much more success with the perks that you liked to use.  Good luck.

PS: I've dropped Loki's on Octane running around smartly.  In fact with the last one that I dropped on Octane, I cleared an entire team out of Pinkees when I dropped the Assault Jugg through the hole in the roof and then I Loki bombed the crap out of them on respawn.

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I actually feel the same way.

But yes, most maps are built for campers since there are lot of camping locations there but that's where the fun starts right? I believe sniper users love this map.

Cheers, mate!

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