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Sorry guys, it's not considered to be a Modern Warfare 3 topic.

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14268220 wrote:

     - Heat vision

          - Is a new Pointstreak reward

          - When you get the required points, you can activate this Pointstreak and your player pulls out a scope and attaches it to your weapon.

          - This scopes main advantage is it’s ability to detect enemies through most walls.


Immediately bullshit.

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I dunno, Vahns recent tweet was to the affect of, wish there was a way to wall bang noob campers.

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In hindsight though, that would actually make people want to camp..

and it's pretty cheap to be able to see people behind a wall.

Thin cover and other things such as weather would make it worth-while and successful without posing much of an unfair advantage.

Perhaps if they added things like hanging curtains, more thin cover, and more life-like scenery, then the usefulness of that could go up.

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Yeah, I call b.s. on the Heat Vision pointstreak.

But the rest seems like the COD I'd like to play including the removal of deathstreaks & last stand.

The Escort gametype - similar to "VIP" from Counter Strike (loved that game mode back in the CS days)

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As long as there is no quick scoping like the original the game will be awesome.

that cheap tactic is for idiots who cant aim properly. and is why the original black ops was the best COD game

let the homos who quick scope stay on modern warfare

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I really hope this is legit, because I like pretty much everything I see. My only complaints would be no MOAB/Nuke, the heat vision thing sounds kind of dumb and possibly OP, and adding levels every other prestige seems kind of weird. Other than that I like it. Definitely like the return of pointstreak system as well as the bonus for enemy flag caps and bomb sites.

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some of the stuff here sounds great, but losing my flame thrower is a let down

REALLY liking the pro and pro 2 idea. and snipers having no aim assist is the way it should be, you can still quick scope if your good enough, or if you're like me and can't, you can't complain about it.

the appearance thing is the one thing I really hoped they would drop. It looks cool but I would have rather have the memory being used on something that directly affects game play like more idol sway or larger recoil.

like urbanevirtuoso said " heat vision" sounds like bullshit.

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No aim assist for snipers is not going to happen. I do not see why they would make it so ARs and SMGs have aim assist but not snipers. Isn't that like sticking a middle finger to the people that snipe. It is bad enough snipers are not a one hit kill anywhere but doing this as well (which lets face it, it will not happen) will piss a lot of people off. Not going to happen. Take my word for it.

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Some of this seems like it COULD BE legit. I like the ELITE 2.0 section the most.

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