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Have any of you heard of, or played in the Oklahoma D-Day scenario. It sounds awesome, its the world's largest paintball event in which around 4000 players play a woodsball scenario based on the Normandy invasion. Join realistically named units and fight over 510 acres of paintball field. From Omaha and Utah, to Vierville and Colleville fight for either the Allies or The Axis!
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I really want to go to that. It's pretty awesome by the looks of it. I need to start saving up.
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That does sound like fun
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Oklahoma is Awesome for that, Shame I live there I don't own a Paintball gun.

It would be fun, I just don't know if during the Normandy Break out if the weather was 100+ every freaking day. Oh well, It would be awesome to go to.
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I've heard of it. I've wanted to play.

In otehr news, the actual state of oklahoma is awesome. I've been fortunate enough to go once and fell in love with it.
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