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Overall Balance....

Hi Everyone,

Since we have ample time to discuss in game matters while the PSN is in disarray, I thought I might visit some thoughts I have had while I play Black Ops in the evenings. While I do feel there are some weapons that dominate in areas they should not be dominating, I feel overall the weapons are balanced out pretty well. I would like to get your opinions on a couple things that I have been thinking about in regards to further balancing two weapon tiers, the AR's and the SMG's.

I will preface this list stating I am a long time COD player, been playing since the first COD was released back in 2003. I am more of a purist.

Below I will list a few weapons and what I feel should be added/removed from them in order to balance them out a bit, starting with the hottest topic, the Famas.

1. Famas- Other high powered weapons with high fire rates such as the Skorpion are balanced by giving it a lower clip size while the Famas reaps the benefit of a larger clip size. How to balance it? Make it on par with other high rate high power weapons, reduce the clip size to 20.

2. AK74U- This is a gun that I feel is NOT overpowered but instead overused as it dominates in all areas. One of the main reasons it dominates all over is due to the grip. I am not a fan of this weapon as it is seen everywhere. My suggestion would be to remove the grip attachment entirely and give it to my next gun.

3.MP5K- Give this gun the option of grip, as this weapon has more "unpredictable" recoil when compared to the AK74U

4. PM63- Why on earth was this weapon not given a silencer? I really enjoy this weapon but dual weild is useless and it would be quite a force if a silencer were allowed on it.

5. Aug- Once again high fire rate, high power. I do not understand why high fire rate high power SMG's such as the Skorpion, Mac-11 and Kiparis are crippled by clips of 20, yet their more effective counterparts have larger clips. Reduce clip size to 20.

6. Hip Fire Accuracy- AR's should not be so accurate being hip fired without Steady Aim. There is no way a user with MPL Rapid Fire should lose a CQC battle when he is aimed in to a user using a Galil Silenced who is hip firing in return. It happens often enough that the hip fire problem is a nuisance. If users want to hip fire, use a SMG. AR's are TOO all around in this game, they should be gimped in CQC the same way most of the SMG's are.

7. Knife- The knife in this game is still way too utilized for this being a FPS. WIth ballistic knife equipped, the lunge is ridiculous, to the level of Commando in MW2. My suggestion is to completely remove the lunge and completely remove the auto lock on. This would require the knife to be use stealthily and tactifully instead of a crutch for bad players or those who panic knife.

8. Anti Lag- The anti lag in this game is one of the worst in the COD series. It really hampers the host to the point to where I upload/download things on my laptop to ensure I am not chosen as the host. I have a 65/15Mbps download/upload speed internet tier and I have never felt a game run so poorly on a good connection as this one has. Also the Matrix style bullets are getting a bit old. I thought MW2 had a poor anti lag system, but B.O. really takes the cake on this one. The next COD needs to implement dedicated servers to get rid of all this inconsistent B.S. Dedicated servers will at least give us 1 thing, CONSISTENCY.

9. Tomahawk- I know everyone loves to throw the tomahawk, but really? By that I mean, the tomahawk can really bounce 5-6 times be almost completely stopped, tap your toe and you die? MW2 had it right with the throwing knife, you can bank shot but it cannot roll. The tomahawk should get implanted in the ground on those cross the map throws. Treyarch doesnt allow you to Noob Tube, Grenade Spam the spawn in SnD, but now it rains Tomahawks. Either remove the ridiculous rolling to make it a bit more of a challenge, or apply the 10 second delay at the start of the round.

10. Lobby Screen still flashes/flickers- Really??? I thought this would of been fixed. Shouldnt of even made it to the shelves in this condition, never have seen a COD with so much potential fail in the most basic areas of a game (i.e. party system still fails). I am not sure if Treyarch or Raven is to blame for this.

Here is my last one, I know alot of you will probably wet your pants when you read this. I am giving you a warning. If you cannot be mature and handle what I say next, please do not reply.

11. Quickscoping- I feel that quickscoping is much too easy now. Not only that, hipfiring is much too accurate and easy as well. I enjoyed snipers when they were slightly more difficult to use. It was a challenge to run around a map with a sniper in your hands. When I moved locations, I HAD to pull out my secondary as it should be. Now....I can just run around and quickscope EASILY. I know alot of you will say it is not that easy, well when you figure it out, its simple.

These are all my opinions and I am sure ALOT of you will not agree with me. I am merely stating what I believe would improve MY experience and what I believe would make this a more balanced/competitive product. I look forward to hearing your replies but ask that you be mature and give some intelligent responses. Happy Easter!

Sorry Mods- PS3 forum seems to be inundated by little kids who cannot comprehend a long post.
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