PERFECT D4RK now recruiting all zombie players! (Xbox 360)

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PERFECT D4RK now recruiting all zombie players! (X...

Hello fellow zombie slayers. I'm starting up new clan called PERFECT D4RK which "D4RK" will be the clan tag...Thing is this is a zombies clan. I'm not saying you have to be skilled and make to round 50 on every map the only requirments I have for you to join are listed below.

1. Must have a mic

2. Be a active player

3. No squeakers

4. Rage quitting is a big no no.

5. No glitching or modding

6. Show all other clan members respect

That's all I ask for. We will play zombies on both black ops and black ops 2. So if you want to join a brand new clan. Have some fun, a good laugh, and just wanna go on a big zombie massacare than apply today. When you apply just name a couple zombie maps you like to play and you'll be instantly improve. If you have any additional questions you can message my GT Fenix 0f War.

Thank you for your time and hope to kill some zombies with you soon

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