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[PHNX] The Phoenix Clan

Hey guys,

We Currently have about 14 Players in our clan, and I've decided to make it official! So For a limited time only me and my Co-Owners (Although not as good as me haha) will be holding tryouts for spots up to 20. So send either MartianPhantom(MeSmiley Tongueolo) or Im The Nemisis (Anthony) or MaCh1Ne K1LlEr (He's Never online so you might as well send either me or Anthony one) a Friend request and face us.

Here Are the Clan Members:

AlphaSamurai316 (Inaugural Member) (Bhruna, Anthony's Girlfriend, But deffinatly does not play like one xD)

BoobalishBurito (Inaugural Member) (Fernando; Another note, his name IS stupid, we all know this, don't blab about it.)

drynochos (Member) (Steve)

ExternalPainter (Recruit) (Jason, Hes NEVER on)

hoppinpop Jr (Recruit) (Leo)

ilikebigbars (Recruit) (Idk his name, or if he's even in xD)

Im The Nemesis (Senior Admin) (Anthony: Co-Creator; He's Grounded Right now)

MaCh1Ne K1LlEr (Senior Admin) (I think its Greg :/- Co-Creator)

MartianPhantom (Creator) (Polo[me]- Creator)

n0r3mac V6 (Recruit) (Cameron- Awaiting Confirmation)

Nomeguy25 (Member) (Josh, hes the baby of the group, and yes, he is pretty bad, don't poke fun)

Sorafy (Inaugural Member) (Dan, hes one of the best yet, wont always show it)

Tallahassee314 (Inaugural Member) (Luc, Dan's Younger brother, but rapes with a FN FAL)

The Spaid (Member) (Danny, Although he's in it, he won't say he is, or put the clan tag cuz he's gay like that xD)

Stea1thyNinja (Member) (My little brother, he's good, but not great, yet will own on a good day)

Tryout Rules:

1. Add me or the other two

2. You have to beat us in a 1v1 match to 25

3. If you win I will go over the Footage and discuss it with the clan

4. NO: Camping, N00btubing(to a certain extent), overuse of the Flamer, Spawnkilling, and any other n00bish strategies.

5. Please refrain from Whining.

6. On the chance you catch us after we Prestiged, or on a bad day, a second game will be played (VISE VERSA)

Clan Ranks:

Recruit, Member, Inaugural Member, Admin, Senior Admin, and Creator.

Recruit- Plays the game.

Member- Plays the game, Can recruit others for tryouts.

Inaugural Member- Plays the game, can recruit, must be respected(safe from expulsion), can organize get togethers(private matches and player matches)

Admin- Plays the game, can recruit others, must be respected(safe from expulsion), can organize get togethers(Zombies, All wager match's, private matches, and player matches), can expel/promote members via vote.

Senior Admins- cannot be reached unless unanimous agreement from senior admins and creator. All of the above and the power to promote/demote and expel without a vote(except Senior Admins).

Creator- All of the above, has control of who gets in and can demote SA's.

Clan Rules:

1. Don't camp, Remember your wearing our name.

2. Don't N00btube to a extent.

3. All members after Prestiging thrice will have to have a Clan Class (voted on), that will be used during get togethers.

4. No whining.

5. Be respectful

6. Don't Rage Quit/ make fun of/ be overall annoying.

7. The cake is a lie.

8. Make fun of Nomeguy25 but don't be too mean xD.

9. Set clan tag to [PHNX].

And that's it, as far as I know we are the only Phoenix clan, and will not change our name. Thanks, and Gun on.

P.S My lil bro gets on my account, so don't trust my stats. Im better than they point towards.
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Re: [PHNX] The Phoenix Clan

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u are not the only Phoenix clan. DemonikCrusader and Quickster1999 and Shredda are in a PHNX Soldiers clan

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Re: [PHNX] The Phoenix Clan

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Please clan Mw3 psn: p-ytcomfruithost please Joined clan

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