(PS3) Team MRKN (Merkin') Recruiting!

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(PS3) Team MRKN (Merkin') Recruiting!

I have recently bought the Trademark/Copyrights to "Team Merkin' - Team MRKN - MRKN"

I'm starting a PS3 Clan/Team with this name.

We will be recruiting Casual/Competitive Players.

As of right now... We have no sponsors for the team, But im speaking with my own sponsors "Kontrol Freaks & Astros"  to see if they are willing to sponsor the team. (Astro will only sponsor Competitive players)

As of right now the website is not up and running, But will be up in the next few days.

The competitive team will compete in tournaments.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Battlefield 3

Recruiting For:

1. Casual Players (1.10 K/D +)

2. Competitive Players (K/D does not matter, Just skill) (4 Spots Open)

3. Graphic Designers

4. Video Editors

5. Game Play Recorders (Must Have HD PVR, Elgato or any type of capture card)

6. Staff (Recruiters, Try Out Staff)

7. Co-Leader (I will make this choice over time)

Any Questions or Want To Join?

PSN: Brizyx


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