PS4 fps lag/drop . A critic from a player

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PS4 fps lag/drop . A critic from a player

Hi fellow endurers!

I wrote like 2 months ago, that how is this frame-rate problem will be fix. By the time I realized that there is no point for us to notice them about their problem, because it's not their, its OURs.

I read about the "over 60 fps" and the TV's hertz rating (btw it appers when you zoom with e.g. thermal scope on a large map so it's fps DROP).... So you know the problem, solve it! Oh wait a second, i have a better idea why your dear programmers/developers rather make "wolf" skin (i know how ridiculously sounds) and DLCs than fixing a problem which appeared on the first day. It's being 3 months now, they do nothing at all.

I think you fail, and furthermore i feel this thing disgusting, that you realease a game on the nextgen console and it suffers from fps drops. I heard the same thing on pc, and all platform, but the problem appers the worst on ps4.

I think the other disappointing problem when we the "consumers" whom you payed by, asking about the solution, or asking about "do you fix that in our decade", and you counterask something like
"Do you have proper internet connection?"
"Do you have physical copy or digital?"
"What is your NAT type?"

Yes, i have  100/50 internet with no lags, and yes I have physical copy, NAT type : Open,Moderate. And you know what? The campaign is lagging too.
You are absolutely not giving any decent answer to when will you fix this. Let me answer, You are "flower" our head.

Not to mention the delay, which is one of my favorit, when you run, and see urself safe when reaching the wall or house, BUT NO, the enemy still can shoot you because they see you like where you were 1 sec ago. The respawn system, I don't know who likes respawn with his ass on the enemy's gun, personally i hate it. I think im better to stop here, because no one will read this for it's lenght not even staff.

And i know, this topic makes no sense, probably one of you counterask something and you put this topic in the solved folder. I always like the cod itself, but now I can understand why people buy battlefield or killzone.

I can admire my own faults, i failed when i trust you.  Now it is your turn to admire that you made a bad one, because i can't use Thermal neither Tracker sight what are awesome... because fps drops. GG

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Re: PS4 fps lag/drop . A critic from a player

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mine is also lagging... A disapointment to say the least! Get it fixed, guys!

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Re: PS4 fps lag/drop . A critic from a player

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THANK YOU!!!! I Feel like I'm going insane here and I don't see how more people don't complain about this. Any class I have with a thermal or a tracker is virtually unusable at times it will seem like it's fine and then I get one kill and lag/chop around like crazy. But I switch to a mtar with a red dot and can run around all I want a rarely have it happen. Then you call and they want you to check your Internet connection about 3 effing times it is so ridiculous. Maybe the most annoying thing I've ever encountered with call of duty and ruins what is basically my favorite cod since mw2 smh @infinityward

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