People who camps spawn point and trys to call peope out with the slang you suck

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People who camps spawn point and trys to call peop...

I've been playing Call of Duty ever since Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360 i've never seen this game go to good down to a BITCH X10 Years every time you first start shooting the dame game decided to not register your shots first when you are firing at an enemy in Multiplayer it decides to register the enemies shots first and slows down the rate of fire to get you killed

Another is Spawn Camping when you are trying to play the game by running the objective and your kills you see a lot of tryhard kids and their Im better than you skill trying to hide corners hard scoping with a thermal scope silencers trying to camp around the corner waiting for you to spawn.  People with a 1.60k/d

or higher who says their better than you just cause they can sit around the corner using a thermal scope silencer and not play the objective are not the one's you called good.  They are the kids who don't help the team out and only care about their own kills

same goes with the people who complains about others who doesn't want to hear that person talk they don't know the basics yet in knowing how to mute team mates or mute people in the lobby by Hovering over their name and pressing X on the PS4 all they want to do is start an ARGUMENT

FIX THE CAMPING AND THE SPAWN POINT SYSTEM if the next Call of Duty is worst than the others Call of Duty MW2, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and this with out Aim assist then it's over.

Aim Assist needs to come back this in Call of Duty Ghost was the worst version in the series i got to sit here playing a 1.15K/D can't play my Kill death to a 1.4k/d which is my original standings since Call of Duty 4 Modern War till Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Fix your game make it even again reduce the kill streaks Go back to where it use to belong where everyone was equal

if anyone complains about this then you know your apart of those campers who can't shoot or play the objective

  Call of duty needs a huge fix it is a let down

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Re: People who camps spawn point and trys to call ...

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Can't say anything about the hit detection as it's the best since MW2. Camping in any modern FPS will be prevalent due to the nature of the players. When you make games that appeal to 12 year olds with ADD and a general sense of laziness, guess how they're going to net their kills. Running around and playing aggressively doesn't appeal to those kids. It's fun for them to lay prone in a bush, kinda like how they veg around all day (explains childhood obesity as well).

I do agree that there are tons of idiot crap talkers online nowadays. You should just ignore them as most are trash players and the majority of players are better humans than that.

Aim assist if brought back will just means people will die that much faster. Having a 1.15 k/d isn't bad at all. Just because you don't do nearly as well in this game doesn't mean it sucks. I am not a camper (and many here who I have played with will agree), I run A LOT and consistently have games 2+ k/d in deathmatch modes. Most of it is knowing where the campers like to hide and you will find that most people hide in the same areas every single match. Also knowing the maps intimately will help you maneuver and pick up sneaky kills which often make people go WTF?! Yes, there are those rage games where a guy will be ADS'ing with a thermal LMG, but whatever, let them get their 10 kills. They often don't talk much when someone goes off for 30+ kills on them and quietly leave.

The game is not perfect, but far from unplayable. TBH, aside from MW2, this is the funnest CoD to date as it truly focuses on gunplay. Nerfed killstreaks mean campers often will not be able to do much even if they get them. And my best games usually result from running 5-7-9 as my streaks. Anything higher isn't as effective as getting gun kills is faster than many of the higher level streaks.

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