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Slipppery Cider- cost:1500

Allows you to slide for longer distsances as well as slip past zombies.


This would be great so you cant get trapped by zombies and you can just slip right by.

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Probably not the best or worst idea but what if you didn't have to hesitentally choose what your last perk would be? Instead you could buy Infi-Cola Drink (costs 4000 or 3000 points); which would infinitely cycle between perks you haven't purchased and would change every round. Now that would solve SOME of the Zombies Community's problems! (If Activision reads this, please submit this idea to Treyarch for I would only want this perk to be featured in the Black Ops Zombies franchise) .

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Mint Green

Cost: 3000

Perk: attacking/killing zimbies is worth 20% more (i.e. headshots are 120$ instead of 100$) and you gain 10$ per second passively.


Summer Punch

Cost: 3500

Perk: Bullets knock back zombies slightly, shotguns have a stronger knock back. Bullets have a 50% chance to hit the zombie behind as well.


Tamper Tang

Cost: 2000

Perk: Traps are half price and last twice as long. Monkey bomb timers last twice as long as well.



Cost: 2500

Perk: Attacking zombies coveres them in multi-colored, flourescent goo that slows them down. Also, Galvaknuckles change color every time they are used.

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