Perk Ideas for Black Ops (Not actual perks for it)

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Tier 1:

Scout: Unlimited Sprint PRO VERSION: Jump over obstacles faster EXPERT VERSION: You Can Shoot while Sprinting

Slieght of Hand: Faster Reloding PRO VERSION: Aim Faster EXPERT VERSION: You can aim and Shoot at the same time

EOD: Detect enemy explosives PRO: Delays enemy explosions EXPERT: Bouncing Betties and Claymores can't kill you

Bling: 2 Attachments PRO: 3 Attachments EXPERT VERSION: Carry 3 Attachments for Secondary Weapon

Bandolier: Extra Ammo PRO: Max Ammor EXPERT: Unlimited Secondary Ammo

Equipment x2: 2 Grenades/Equipment PRO: 2 Special Grenades EXPERT: 3 Grenades/Equipment

Flamethrower: Carry a Flamethrower PRO: Cools down faster EXPERT: Overheats slower

Tier 2:

Stopping Power: More Damage to Enemies PRO: Extra Damage vs. Vehicles EXPERT: Explosives do More Damage

Shades: Less Flashbang/Flares effection PRO: Flashbangs/flares don't harm you EXPERT: Teamates around you get less effect from flashbangs/flares

Runner: Run Faster PRO: Walk Faster EXPERT: Jump Higher

Zombie: No vitals of you are shown PRO: No Killstreaks can see you EXPERT: No Crosshairs

Overkill: Carry 2 Primary Weapons PRO: Switch Weapons Faster EXPERT: Carry 3 Weapons (2 Primary, 1 Secondary)

Tier 3:

Deep Impact: Damage Through Walls PRO: Extra Damage Through Walls EXPERT: I can't think of any, if you can think of one send a comment and I'll add it

Ninja: Silent Footsteps PRO: Footsteps are never heard EXPERT: Silent Jumping

Steady Aim: Increased hipfire accuarcy PRO: Hold breath longer EXPERT: Never need to hold breath

Last Stand: Goes down rather than dying PRO: Ability to use equipment in last stand EXPERT: Revive teamates

Hot Patato: Throw grenades back faster PRO: Time of grenade reset after picking up grenade EXPERT: Unlimited time to throw back grenade

Reconaissance: Detect enemy killstreaks

Well, I hope some of these are put in, by the way, the reason why I didn't put on commado is because Treyarch said that ther'll be no commando.
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Unlimited ammo? not feeling your ideals brah.

I believe that perks should have one use, and that the pro perks made it unfair for n00bs
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That sounds like some real balancing issues. And unlimited ammo really?
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Alot of those perks don't sound to good, such as unlimited ammo? What if they have an automatic pistol (Assuming Black Ops has them)? I think we should just go the simple way and have seperate perks that do 1 THING each. Never was a fan of the PRO for perks.. It basically gives you 2 perks in one, 6 perks for 3 slots (if you have pro for all those perks). I thought the goal is to have only 3 perks.
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Can we just not have a pro version and more perks? Like in CoD 4.
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I can honestly say that these are the worst ideas i have ever seen in this game. there is no though put at all into this, thank god you are not a game producer

LOL - you can aim and shoot at the same time.

Silent Footsteps PRO: Footsteps are never heard - isnt that the same as the no pro version?

you sir, fail.

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Just no.
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The same problem we'r facing on COD. balancing.
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