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yes, keep marathon and lightweight combo mah fav.

but commando, ALL deathstreaks, jugernaut, and scavenger must not return... maybe one man army too, but since treyarch in making the game you never know what from modern warfare 2 will be in this game. I dont blame them if they take very little from mw2, since that game was awful
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I would mind if juggernaut came back because I like sniping and it makes it almost impossible to kill someone using it. They just have to create a sniper that kills in one shot
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for the perks there should be more customizing instead for certain perks go to the first second and thrid slots you should choose to what goes were that would be more cooler and better
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ecahanin wrote:


stopping power should be changed and called FMJ, the reason i say that is because real life, FMJ rounds do more damage, as do Lead rounds so maybe make it possible for something like that. instead of making stopping power the first perk u can have make it farhter down in line. keep pro perks just make them a bit harder to aquire.

In real life, all bullets "legally" used in warfare are FMJ because they're supposed to be a more "humane" way to disable or kill someone. Bullets that aren't FMJ don't penetrate the body all the way and mushroom causing painful internal injuries.

I don't see why people are saying that Ninja should only be effective while walking. Dead Silence was the exact same way in World at War, and you never make any noise while crouched anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem to have silent footsteps while running. TBH, not many people use Dead Silence in WaW over some of the other green perks. I think what makes it bad in MW2 is that it can be used along with Marathon and Lightweight, allowing people to quickly sneak up on someone. You couldn't use Dead Silence along with Extreme Conditioning in WaW, and that always seemed reasonable to me.
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Commando Pro was okay, just not Commando.
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I think they should take out stopping power and leave juggernaut out to.
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How 'bout we just keep the original perks from WaW, same 3-5-7 Killstreak setup, and the same maps only reskinned? Oh, and the graphics should stay the same as they were in WaW too.

Lets bring back the entire game with diffrent guns and leave out all of the good innovative features from MW2!

Because remember, "simpler is better".

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I really want to see OMA DC brought back lol. No but seriously that class was fun as hell. Keep stopping power. I don't know why people complain about that. If they took it out everyone would just use UAV jammer which would be completely useless for KS.
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No OMA, No Juggernaut. I like increased melee range for commando, however it honestly should be like half of what it is now.
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