Plz Treyarch punish quitters!!!

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DarkOrbitSolarFury wrote:


What is this dash boarding thing people speak about?

It's when you hit the center button on the controller and choose dashboard.
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What a stupid request....

you have no idea why people quit...

And people usually dashboard or quit because yeah...they're tired of getting their butts whooped....Big Deal....Everyone wants to win in this game....

I love it when people quit...makes my ego bigger....Infact I played last night and was surprised that the other team didn't quit when 4 people from my clan pulled out Hueys, Cobras and Hinds the whole match....there were guys that were only 10-40 k/d by the end of the match...I would've left a long time before that...

Get over it....nobody likes to lose and nobody is gonna sit there and keep getting creamed when they have better chances to play better games...
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Dashboarding/quitters complaint # 125,001. I think this topic has been explored (pro & con) ad nauseum since the launch of the game. That being said, I completely agree with you, but highly doubt anything can or will be done about it.
Dandy Vandy
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import69 wrote:


Why does this game not recognize when someone dashboards not to get a loss WHY??? i mean is it so high tech that it cant be done? capture the flag is just ridiculous games can go up to 30+ mins sometimes and then someone dashboards it and its all been a great waste of time you loose everything that you worked for in the last 30 mins.

This might sound like a rant and it is, im going to get all the clever guys in here now saying stop complaining and all that but this is what everyone is thinking anyway so dont bother even bother posting here to be clever.

Yo i feel the same way i just posted something asking treyarch to do something about the people who pull the plug...

its not fair and its not fun anymore when you are playing sore losers then on top of the game gives you a " L " for it

thats not cool...
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I understand the frustrations, but what the OP fails to neglect is the fact that the Host DOES get a Loss when they dashboard. Unfortunately, so does everyone else in the lobby. I understand why they did it, butTreyarch's effort to keep the stats honest has in fact made them even more inflated, because people are unfairly being given losses every time the host connection pulls out of a game. At least 25% of my losses have come from when the host pulls the plug. But unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done about it. It's been a problem in every game. And on a side note, you're win/loss and k/d say nothing about you as a person. Virtual numbers don't dictate a thing about your life. If you're biggest problem is that you COD stats aren't super l33t, then man I wish I had your problems. I'd say there's much bigger issues that need to be addressed about this game anyway (cough:: lag ::cough). So just live with it. I've been playing COD for years now and I guess I'm just desensitized to the dashboarding thing. It's not like this is a problem that suddenly started with this game.
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Why does this game not recognize when someone dashboards not to get a loss WHY???

probably because the game cant read minds so it doesnt know the reasoning behind people dashboarding.

believe it or not, some people may have to dashboard because they have more important things to do at that time that need more attention than a video game.

you cant punish people for doing that since you dont know their reason for it.
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