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you need put your PS3 in 480p ¦)

Note: PS3 have 480i, 480p,576i,576p,720 p ,1080i and 1080p .

Black Ops will run very smooth in 576P on PS3...Black Ops have 576p of native resolution.

Whilst I appreciate the sentiment Mike I believe that would probably defeat the purpose of buying a £200 next-generation console and a 50inch widescreen 1080p TV... If I wanted to play a sub-SD game I would've got the old N64 console out the loft or, alternatively, just play AngryBirds on the iPhone

M$ pay Activision to broken Black Ops version PS3

Note: but next week GT5 will sell 10 millions of copies in only 1 DAY


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Mine froze two times again since last post. :/
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I have been having serious freezing issues with the COD Black ops, three times now the Game has frozen on me and I have had to manually turn of my PS3.

After the smooth, slick and glitch free operation of MW2, I am so disappointed I wasted my cash on Black ops.
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Game froze one more time before update and THREE more times after update.

Great work, guys!
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Yup same here, I don't know what it fixed, but my system freezzz now, i have often lost connections. Before i had no problems , sometimes lost connections, but this is riddiculous!!! Thanks for the update Treyarch. If my PS3 will be damaged i will make u responsable for this. the Game goes back in the box and back to the shop!!!!
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17 minutes ago my fiance and I got our previous freeze, and now it just froze again.

This update has made the game much worse!!!
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My game freezes all the time... Last game I got that did this was Fallout 3 and, soon after, my PS3 broke...

Really worried about this game destroying my PC, will probably have to stop playing it if they don't fix it.
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Freeze AGAIN!

What the hell have you done with the latest patch?

This is ridiculous, maybe your coders should attend some crash course in programming?
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Been playing most evenings since the release date with no crashes/ freezes...

Same connection/ lag/ party issues as most others seem to have been experiencing, but it's been playable...

Now since the latest patch today I've so far played three demolition games.. the first two games I got 'conection interupted' appear and the games returned to the lobby. Obviously this could just be the host 'rage quitting' or losing conection.

The third game freezes part way through and I had to reboot the ps3
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