Question to Developer : Wii Zombies ?

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What's the Nazi zombie mode?

It's a online co-op version where you protect yourself and your team from a giant zombie horde, however we will not get it because we don't get online co-op

Isn't it possible for us to still get it though?

I'm not sure about this, but isn't the only problem about online co-op the huge environments? Since this zombie mode seems to only take place in a small farmhouse(from what I've seen), couldn't we have the slight chance of getting it? Correct if I'm wrong. Smiley Tongue

Hmm. Very valid point there. Maybe... it's a suprise?
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i want this mode so bad ever since i saw the gameplay of it few days ago
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just to say to the guy who said that you can only do the zombie mode on online co-op. it is a mode that you unlock after playing the campaign, and you can play it just by yourself in singleplayer, so we have a chance of getting it for our wii....
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Oh, well didn't know that but it would be even better if we could do it online still will be cool though
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i doubt they'll put it in, they always treat the wii like crap since the 8 player multiplayer and no online co-op which was definitely possible.
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i think we might get it because we still have stuff like team death match online and treyarch said they couldn't have a lot of peopel online for the wii and form what i've seen it's only 4 to 5 in a group.
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Im very sure we will most likely get it on the Wii because remember Treyarch are trying there best to have the same experience in Wii to the PS3/360.

THE REAL ANSWER: Will know when the game comes out just couple of days left.
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at the beggining i was really exited for the game but now they are taking out all the cool things from the wii version and that is not fun at all Smiley Frustrated this game will be crap on the wii

then do yourself a favor and pick-up a 360, you can get an arcade system for $199

No because i hate dual analog for shooters.
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It will probably be like squadmate mode, I'm guessing. (Which is better than nothing at all)
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No wait! Im sure i heared one of the developers say that you can play it on solo after the credits roll! There is still a chance wii gamers!

Yeah. It will probably be an epilogue level, like the jet level at the end of CoD4
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