RE: Ghost messes up my internet help?

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When i go to play ghost my internet crashes. then i have to unplug my wifi box and plug it back in again. my internet is just fine so is my ps3, I can play every other game i have just fine. but when i go to play call of duty ghost my internet just crashes. Does anyone know why it keeps doing this? Like i havent played it in a month then i went to go play it and this happens. please help.

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I had the same prob I had to hard wire my ps3 and it fixed it and something my be out on the modem 

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the modem is just fine. and so you just wired your ps3/x-box? and it worked? thanks i might try that.

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I would also suggest for you to try wired connection.

That stabilizes the connection and avoids possible data corruption.

Its a for a better game play too!

Hope that helps!

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Hello there! I totally agree with deathghost1945. As far as I know, multiplayer freezes are mainly due to connection issues. Having it hard wired to the modem will surely help since wireless connections aren't that reliable for First person shooter games like Ghosts. Hope it works!

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Hello there! Try to forward the right ports for your game as well. Playing other online games can also affect the ports. Setting up a Static IP can also help..

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