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So instead of you just locking my thread or just providing with the info i was wanting ( like you seem to be doing for everyone today).

You remove my thread like it never happened. LOL..

So let me get this straight. If evidence is readily available then you post on their thread as to why they were banned. But if no evidence can be found you guys just remove it and pray no one else seen it?

People are on to the whole ban thing. Treyarch makes mistakes because they listen to the report button to often without doing any actual investigation. If someone cheated ban them dont tell them why. Thats fine with me but dont tell some people why they were banned and then others nothing.

Just because someone gets reported and their personal best look outrageous dosent mean shit. They could just be that much better than you.

I myself have a game over demo with over 40 plants and 30 defuses. Wasnt boosting. They shitty servers lagged out everyone but me and one kid on the other team.

I would plant the bomb then hide and listen for him to defuse it then go kill him and do it again. Did it on defense too.

Not my fault the kid was bad and didnt look around before trying to plant or defuse. May have not been right to prey on the less skilled but i did and it definitly wasnt boosting in anyway shape or form. Not my fault the servers never added more players to the game.
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