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How hard would it be to implement chat into theater? Listen to how the other team covered an objective. Or just to listen to someone get angry getting killed a lot. I had a guy today tell me I needed to turn off my aim bot. Hmmmm I didn't know the game came with an aimbot.
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It might violate certain privacy restrictions.
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MAYBE I could see them doing it for people in game chat but there is no way they would record what people say during party chat.
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you can get audio equipment and hook it up to your xbox to record your end. That is about as far as it goes
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I am pretty sure that you can use skype or something like that.. some of the people I subscribe to on youtube do it all the time. There is a way to do it, but I am not sure how it is done.

Just google it, I did and there are tons of videos on how to do it.
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Crininson wrote:


It might violate certain privacy restrictions.

It would. +1,000,000 lawsuits.
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Try to use TuneFab Screen Recorder, it might help when you recording chats with games. Go ahead and have a try! screenshot-record-video-and-audio.png



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Would like to record chat when you are playing games? There is a wonderful software I am using to record streaming music which can also record chat with games, called Audio Capture Mac. And it can save all recorded audio files to MP3, WAV, etc. 

You can have a try of this tool to record all playing audio files on computer. 

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Hello, recommend you to try Joyoshare Screen Recorder to capture chat while playing the games. An easy-to-use yet powerful video/audio screen recorder that can capture not only system sound but also microphone sound in high quality. Besides you can save it in various fomart like MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, AAC, etc. 

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That is easy.  You just need an audio recorder to help you capture your chat from the games to an audio files. No fuss at all. 

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