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Why can't we record our online zombie games i think that would be a handy feature especially since they refuse to fix the leaderboard to show the best round count we've had.
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Sort of like the Theatre function in Multiplayer? That'd be good. That way we could upload our luckiest moments and we could check if players were lying about their gameplay!

They're working on the leaderboards, though.
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I also agree
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that would be cool and we could see if people did the easter eggs or what ever because you can just watch the videos they have up
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Try to use TuneFab Screen Recorder to record your zombie games. For it can help you with all your game playing routine.screenshot-record-video-and-audio.png



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There are so many game recording software for you to capture online game. I have tried some recorders on my computer and the best software I like is Audio Capture for Windows, which can help me record not only all games and streaming music for offline playback. 

You can have a try of it. Hope you can get more skills to win the game. 

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Great idea. Joyoshare Screen Recorder will help you record online zombie games with high quality in a simple way. This is one of the most powerful screen recorder software to capture any video and audio activities without any hassle. Just give it a try. 

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