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It appears that one of the things that this last patch has done is made it so that you cannot cancel a reload by double tapping the weapon-swap button anymore. I've been doing this since CoD4 like when i start to reload, but then i see an enemy and need to stop to shoot him. I dont feel like this was cheap or overpowered in any way at all, so why would they take it out? I know that you can still cancel reloads by sprinting real quick, but i still havent gotten used to not tapping y twice, and now i look retardedwhen i lose firefights with my Strela-3 out. WTF.
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whats the point of reloading in the first place if you can cancel the reload (i know its not the full reload canceled), If reload canceling was still in place, there really wouldn't be a point to the reload animation at all. its put there so you can take cover to reload.
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It only forces people to consider when to and where to reload. Tbh i'd like to see limited ammount of mags. If you throw away a half empty mag it should be bullets waisted. This on hardcore to add up tiny big if realism.

Considering strela its over powered as it is now. Its only fair for hard earned killstreak that you wont be able to spam sky clean AND kill couple fellows on the way. The game isn't supposed to taste like strawberry all the time.

Challenge is what keeps the interest up. Instead if whining adapt to sprint cancel and learn to play in a new way.
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