Round 99 (With glitch) Moon

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Round 99 (With glitch) Moon

Hello, I have a (semi new) knife lunge glitch that will prove round 99 not so hard. Although it will some time, and willingness to leave your box on overnight (maybe 2-3 nights depending on how long it takes).


[1] Must have mic

[2] Must be an experienced zombie player.

[3] Must be willing to communicate / listen to what i have to say.

[4] Must have good connection.

[5] No little kids! / (Must be at least 14 that's pushing it.)


[1] If you know your net cuts out / drops don't bother joining.

[2] At the start we will do P.E.S. glitch to make doing the glitch alot simpler.

[3] Once i get into the glitch, the zombies no longer go for anyone. Aka, (You can walk anywhere in the map, and the zombies will walk right past you).

[4] We will get a few guns and upgrade before i get into the glitch.

[5] Looking for people who don't have to do much in the next couple days. (because of the fact that might take a few days. But i don't mind if you have a few things to do.

If you are interested please send 1 message to the gamer tag Smiley SadCloudxDeath).

If you don't get invited within about 5 minutes you know the game has started.

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