STATUS UPDATE??? Need help!

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There is a Hack that constantly spams your wireless router with TONS of information and lags it so bad it constantly kicks you offline like you stated. The Error message again, is caused by the lag.

Here do this:

Go to your memory on xbox.

Go to clear system Cache

This clear all updates

Turn xbox off


Unplug router, leave for a couple minutes and then plug it back on restarted.

When its done, go back to your xbox, turn it on, and try to play black ops.

Let me know how it goes

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Status of Black ops servers are here sounds like either a problem with the LIVE server you're on or the exchange which is serving your address.
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My game just keeps saying the sever is unavailible

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Are you still having issue?

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hurriacane Sandy fuc*ed up the servers we all get that when we try to go online, im on the PS3 and i get the samething

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