Shotguns don't do damage at close range needs a huge boost

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Shotguns don't do damage at close range needs a hu...

I have been playing Ghost Last month and this month for 3 weeks straight now and why the f*ck did you lower the hit damage down I can't get jack crap at close range anymore with any shotgun this has been going on for quite a while and it's pissing me off one of those not go good kill rate gun is the

MTS-255 This gun has no effect with the MOD Slug round attachment I get a lot of hit markers at close range and not kill the enemy even when aiming down my sight at medium to close range.  This needs a huge buff

I have a similar effect  with the Bulldog shotgun this gun takes 3-4 shots at medium range which should only take 2-3 shots medium range and 1-2 shots at close range first shots would always lag or tell you that you miss your shot with possible lag these needs a little buffing

im getting a little upset that the guns I want to use are still not fixed which makes me look like s**t please fix your guns i know it won't happen but please fix it

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