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Hi its EViL_BUnnEh56423! I'm running a new clan called silent strikers and people of any age and ability can join! The clan tag on call of duty games if you decide to join will be ~SS~ The SS standing for silent strikers. To join just post a comment on this topic saying you want to join or send me an e-mail at or PM me onyoutube, ogle4life. OR even tell me on skype, ogle4life. OR PSN! which is EViL_BUnnEh56423.


Also some of you may be wondering why i decided to make a clan even though im a very very VERY low level (prestige 0 rank 3), well actually its because ive had 3 PSN accounts and im on my forth. This is only because my PS3 is pretty buggy so my three others messed up. So ive litterally only just started again on this account, but im good, honest!!!! i had a 2.0 kill death ratio coz i had about 5670 deaths and 11342 kills and i get about 20-30 kills per team deathmatch and about 2-10 deaths. I'm pretty decent, this clans new so here are a few members:

EViL_BUnnEh56423 (leader)

Wintertroop (Admin)

Funky_monkey1999 (Admin)

Sean436 (Member)

Elitegrim (Member)

NoseWhip_1961 (Member)

Redbullenergy247 (Member)

Theoggies (Member)

Cadet01 (Member)


Huntsman60 (Member)

Sheza (Admin) Used to be a member, and one of the best too, but unfortunately he left and has now joined the clan BSB network. This is also a good clan (You could say us two clans are rivals, sort of!). Ok please join, its a great clan and heres a few games we play:


Call of duty: World At War

Modern Warfare 2

Call of duty modern warfare

Battlefield Bad Company

Aliens VS Predator


Combat Arms

Battlefield Bad Company 2



Half-Life 2


Call of duty: World at war

Modern Warfare 2

Aliens VS Predator


Pokemon HeartGold

Pokemon SoulSilver

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Pearl

Call of duty: World at war

Modern warfare mobilized

Join Join Join!

We play world at war on every console except i can only play on ps3 as my ds broke and i dont own cod5 for wii or xbox360.

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How many people do u have that play W@W for ds?
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