So now they're letting people hack our logos!

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So now they're letting people hack our logos!

Hop on to play tonight against the typical motley of bullet proof "preferred" players, and when I wouldn't play with them.... Activision hack's my logo. The playercard emblem appeared fine at first sight but the thumbnail of it presented when you kill, get killed, or highlight a players name was all screwed up. I just slightly changed the color of one of the items, saved the changes, and that fixed it. The other week I try to a couple of RC-XD's against a "preferred player", (the only way to stop them from harassing you) and Treyarch spawns my RC-XD's outside the playable map instead of at my feet, instantly blowing them up. I reported the player as cheating over a week ago and that player is still on every night, so I guess it must have been Activision giving him a little "boost". Seriously, I didn't invest in buying premium internet hardware, hardwire, and services, a PS3, Black Ops Disk, Downloadable, all DLC maps, and play for about three years to get 15th prestige - all just to get harassed by the people I gave my money to or the people they were supposed to have hired to actually promote quality control, not abuse it's privileges! You can't call anyone at support live unless you agree TWICE that it's not about Call of Duty, chat seems to be down every time I try. Does anyone associated with this franchise have enough integrity left to somehow respond and tell me why they have not been fully "supporting" their product when I very clearly have for so long, or clearly singling me out to harass me? I throw out sentery guns, and help people share packages, and play in as diverse & productive a manner so teammates & opponents can progress through the game to actually get their Pro Perks, I don't talk down to people unless they are obviously cheating, and I even took the time to design a hilarious logo that's tastefull - so somebodys kid can play without seeing something retardedly obscene! So why you hating?

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