Squads: New Info, What do you think of it?

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Squads: New Info, What do you think of it?

Inside Call of Duty: Ghosts' Squads Mode - IGN

Firstly, thats the link to the IGN videos on squads,

Anyone have any thoughts on what this will be like?

At first i wasnt so sure, Spec-Ops didnt interest me in the slightest in IWs previous games, Squads didnt really grab me either, however the more info that gets released on it the more promising it sounds.

I like the idea of setting up your squad to suit a certain map/mode combo and letting them get on with it while im offline, could be interesting to see different peoples strategies and loadouts etc.

Really like the idea of being able to challenge other peoples squads with friends, not a feature i think will make or break the game but definatly something fun to do if MP gets abit to much.

The new survival mode sounds interesting, i wonder if the game will just finish when you reach level 20/40 or whether there will be some kind ending sequence, but again for me this doesnt appeal too much as i find the old survival mode abit of a bore.

Squad assault doesnt interest me too much either (I think thats the one where its you + squad vs enemy + squad with no friends involved)

Probably not something im going to spend too much time on, but could be a good alternative to regular MP when things arent going your way etc.

All in all, im much more excited about squads than i was before.

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Re: Squads: New Info, What do you think of it?

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I'm really looking forward to squads not so much the survival parts but the rest is gonna be alot of fun i think and will make a nice distraction from mp . Really like the idea of pitting my squad against others and yes i intend to make some really wild squads up for the s&g

I especially like the the fact i can join up with a friend and just play without having to deal with a team of greenies (assuming the squad ai is good  mind)

I think its got a lot of potential and can really see people making squads so others can play against them which will be great for youtubers/community sites ect

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Re: Squads: New Info, What do you think of it?

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Personally I'm not terribly excited about sqauds. It's not that it sounds bad or anything, it just seems like the next evolution of combat training. The only difference being it's split up into several modes now and also you can have your AI squads play against other players AI squads. I don't get the hype behind squads much at all. It's a nice feature for those that don't want to play MP online or aren't able to play MP online though. I just don't see it being able to properly replicate the experience you get playing against other players.

Plus it's IW, I really, really don't think they have the programming chops to make the AI bots as complex as they are teasing. Time will tell though. Now I just want some official Extinction info or gameplay and I'll be content until release.

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