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Recently noticed while playing BO1 on xbox one x and Xbox 360 for the past few weeks that the game is in a desperate need of connectivity update. The game keeps freezing throughout the zombie menus while trying to find a match. While trying to find a game I am constantly getting hit with either pin wheeling please wait symbol or game freezes for about a minute and says “your disconnected to Xbox live you must sign in” pop up and sends you through the zombies outro cutscene. Finding lobblies takes excessively long on kino and five which are the base shipped maps which kino has over 12,000 people and five over 2,000 people on while the games player count is over 290,000. Since the game is clearly still active why has there been no update for these recent connectivity issues patched? Is black ops 1 no longer supported and getting patches? Have they cut this game off now from support? This is the first time I’ve ever encountered problems with bo1 in years. The last time I played bo1 was a few months ago and it was working fine. All of my software is updated on my consoles and I’ve restared my Xbox one x as well a few times. My connection is fine and restarted my modem/router too. My friend and I play frequently and they are expierencing it as well so it’s not just me expierencing these issues. Wondering if anyone could help or has any ideas. Thanks. 

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they have issues on PSN too… seem they Don't really care about Bo1 Community….

> 12,000 people and five over 2,000 people on while the games player count is over 290,000.

that's a joke, on PSN we went from 2k to 100k players within two weeks… Don't trust their statistics, they are not accurate…

My bet is we are at most 3k players on the PSN...
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