Suggested Upgrades - What's the point of Prestiging??? Where's the benefit??

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Suggested Upgrades - What's the point of Prestigin...

Maybe it's me and the fact I'm somewhat a novice to the game but here are my thoughts:

There should be an incentive to prestiging each time to add to the engagement:

Each level of prestige should be some additional bonus such as

1) Increasing the total # of equipment +1 each prestige instead of maxing at 10

2) Access to more weaponry instead of cycling the same each round with higher damage or accuracy

3) Option to play against other random opponents at the same prestige level instead of "Nubes"

4) Access to more maps that are not available when first starting out.

5) Make Nuketown a standard map but expand it (sidenote - I downloaded the map and have yet to play it.

6) Make it more difficult to get killed/provide more protection as a perk or scorestreak

7) The higher level prestige should decrease the total amount of points for the big scorestreaks.

8) Allow the prestiged player to start off with a lower scorestreak when only playing at the prestiged level among like opponents (imagine the excitement of 12 people starting off with a Killer Drone!)

9) Allow the prestiged player to move faster each level with heavier weaponry

10) Make it an option for the top/or bottom scorer to select one to two players they prefer to play with, without having to be in a clan.

11) Allow an additional scorestreak for each level prestige.

Ultimately, my message is prestiging should have more of a reward impact than earning another emblem and losing most of your guns. The game is beginning to get redundant and I have no desire to prestige if I'm going to start over again, in most cases minus the guns I carry over. But it's still the same weaponry, same maps and having to make a decision if we want to keep the same 10 options of equipment, perks and scorestreaks. I doubt anyone will take notice to this but the game can be enhanced on many levels to keep it exciting, engaging and set higher expectations for the next game. Right now, it's a habitual game. People know where to go on each map and what to expect! Just my thoughts!

Would love to hear feedback!

On a side note - It would be great if the migrations or servers NOT drop people in the match on either the losing or winning team when that match is way out of reach. Especially dropping people in a game under 2 min. I've lost many matches, and won a couple, and NEVER shot one round!

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