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I hope that they allow you to to system link multiplayer like you can do on halo 3,

for example its very unrealistic that me and my 8 friends are all going to take our xbox's and tv's to a friends house for a night. i know some people are going to turn round and just say buy xbox live, but i only want this feature in for that one night a that we all go round someones house.

havin this feature will also get rid of my friends screen watching, as youll be able to have different teams on each tv.

what does anyone else think about this feature?
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I'm With this dude right here!!!! Somebody make this happen!
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Yes, please do, because we all can't afford internet, some of us want to invite all 98 members of the 4RUMBOYS over to my house to display my Wiggy CAVE for the world to see.

Or no wait, I do have money for the internet and I don't have to purchase 97 round trip tickets to everyone on the boards.

Mcdonalds is calling OP, they need their fry flipper back.

I KID, I KID, take this as the joke that it was intended to be.

Wiggy Feeling Saucy today.

Wiggy out!
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