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The Tactical Clan was created in may 2009 to support gaming across the globe. At the moment TTC only supports PS3 but that will be changing soon. At TTC you can learn new tactics and meet new people. You do not have to be a certain level or have a decent kill to death ratio, all you have to have is a good attitude to gaming. At the moment we only have one division, Call of Duty 4 Division, but that'll be changing in the near futre if you tell your friends about us! In each division there is two teams and within those teams there are certain fire teams ( two in each team unless the General makes exceptions) which are assualt, Sub machine gunners, snipers, Heavy support and Close quaters. The General is in charge of everything and will always be stationed in the sniper team. Contact the General if you have any questions or queries. There will be practice times every week if you need to miss any one of these please contact the general.So get on over to registration and I'll see you in the war soldier!Head on over to

General PSN: coppell

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