::Take Out All Perks And Put New Ones::

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Thats my idea, a fresh start, not the same old same old. Yes that includes JUGGERNAUT and Stopping power.

Also go back to 3 kill streaks simple, Spawn killing from Chopper-gunners is just to stupid

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If its not broken, dont fix it.
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I agree that the perks should be overhauled a bit... but certain ones should stay. Stopping power acts as a risk for most. "Should I be safe and use stopping power or risk it and go with lightweight?" Perks should set up more like that, each tier having a base perk that is the safest to use.
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BreakSilence wrote:


If its not broken, dont fix it.

this. for the most part, the general perks like: Stopping Power, Cold Blooded, Steady Aim, Bling, Dead Silence, are NOT broken.
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