Team eXploit Recruiting (PS3) COD WAW

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Hello everyone.

Team eXploit is now recruiting for PS3 Games.

Game List:

Call of duty World at War


Fifa 09

Inferno Pool

But iam posting this topic to Recruit Call of duty World at War Players and try make them join us.

Want to Join Us But dont know how? Just Fill in below:

PlayStation3 Online ID:

Xfire Username:

(If Use)

Real Name:


Kill/Death Rate:


Game Style:

Best Map:

Old Clans:

Fill in this and wait for my reply.

My Details:

PlayStation 3 ID: N17Kiler

xFire: xxkill3rxx


Gaming Style: Sniping and Tacticts

Clan Details

Team eXploit Was Founded by me long time ago and we formed the clan for only PC Games but then we got inactive then we disban the clan but now i reformed the clan for PlayStation 3 Games and i will try to make this clan active for a long time. Iam very active on both Ps3 and PC so if you have any problems you can talk to me.

We got 4 members already and we are trying to get more to join leagues and other war sites. I will try to make all clan members to have fun when they are in Team eXploit.

Clan Events Will be going on Satadays and Sundays.

Event Type:

Zombies and 2v2,3v3,4v4

Team eXploit

Join Us Have Fun

We Rush, We Die, We Kill, We Knife, We Nade But We Do It For Glory
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