Temporary Ban, For What?

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I just got a 48 hour ban and I'd appreciate that Treyarch at least tells me the reason for being banned from their servers. I NEVER did BOOST, CHEAT, MOD, or GLITCH and like you I just happen to do better than average players. They probably thought I boosted for my 91 win streak which isn't difficult to achieve while playing only TDM matches. I was a legit 7th Prestige with around 5 1/2 days played with around a 2.1 K/D ratio and 1.7 W/L ratio. If I do get reset, I'd probably never go back to playing any of Treyarch's games because they have wouldn't be able to show me proof were I disobeyed their rules.

I'd appreciate if Treyarch would at least give me a reason for banning me and if they do I'd like to see some proof for why I was banned.

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i also got banned for no reason

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