The M14 or the Olympia?

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Which one do you tend to buy? Normally I don't buy a gun in the starting room, but if the team I'm playing with insist on staying in the main room past Round 4 I tend to go for the M14.
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i open the door myself every time sometimes even all 3 or 4 screw teammate

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Neither; I wait for the MP5 or MP40.
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neither, both are a complete waste of points. if im with a team that insist on staying in the first room i'll either leave or open the doors myself
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Neither. The only use of those two weapons are when you have died and are broke. Had to do that before. Since the cost is low you can get a pretty high shot / point ratio.

But yeah, have the top 2 point leaders open door 1 and 2 to get either the mp40 or the ak74
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Olympia, one shot kill for the dogs, but good players don't stay there for too long, at the 6th-7th round it tends to get too crowded. I'd rather go upstairs and go get the stakeout and stay in that two stairs room till round 10-11 and then get the nogg. And from there on, go to the mystery box.
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i get the M14

i never have to buy ammo for it and i get headshots 90% of the time with it which gets me atleast 6000 points by round 7 or 8 which i can use to buy jugg and mystery box a few times
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neither, i just wait until I get the stakeout....
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I don't get m14 or olympia... I usually wait the and of the 4 round and than I get the mp40 -.-
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Neither, you let the zombies in so you get max ammo for colt then shoot and stab till dogs and when you hear the dogs buy doors either top or bottom. If top buy MP40, If bottom buy Ak-74u then make sure everyone bought a door and you'll be on the stage. Put power on and then buy jug get more money and go to mystery box if you get raygun or thundergun save to upgrade. Once upgraded gt mystrybox till you get another gun that fits you. (I like a lightgun that's portable- raygun python and a heavy gun to mow them down- thundergun and LMG's)

Ohhhhhhhh....... that's a strategy's your answer
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