The end of camping

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People have been complaining about camping for years and it seems that many people want the devs to implement some anti-camping system into every cod.  I have some advice for people who are struggling with campers.

1.  If you are playing team deathmatch, then you should expect campers.  The entire point of the mode is to have a higher kd than the other team.  Campers in tdm are playing to win.  If you don't like campers, then stop playing tdm. 

2. If you are dealing with campers in objective modes, then win the game and move on.  No true campers will ever be able to win an objective mode. 

It amazes me that tdm is always the most played mode when there are constant complaints about campers. 

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I think this is true. From the start I do hate those gamers who are camping but we all know that this is part of the game and strategy for them to win, to earn kills and to have a better K/D.

I do hope that everybody gets the point.

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You really can comment on current posts. It's allowed.

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