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ok what happens when new cod games come out? (after mw2)

Well, the next one after MW2 will be made by Treyarch and I am guessing they will keep this site, and just update it abit. And after that will be made by IW so like I said the MW Forums, but I can't imagine myself going on the MW2 Forums, I went on them and my retina's were burning from all the colours.

LOL, I can't spend more than a couple minutes on those boards. Was it really necessary to have such high-contrast colors? I'm staying right here.
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I know, I am going to stay put here.

Thank you very much until the game comes out, when it does I shall everyday spend 5 minnutes no more maybe less quickly looking at the intel section, and I will put on some Sunglasses.

Then it is back to my home, this website.
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lets just hope they cant find Infinity Ward's forum...

that is my only place where my sanity balances out.
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I completely agree. You have my full support
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