The new maps look boring as ever (Devastation), and more complaints.

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The new maps look boring as ever (Devastation), an...

So does this Extinction map, which frankly looks like it sucks. There are aliens and alien guns in MP!? Should I be excited!? Yay! Exciting! I also like the ducky, inferno, and space cats "camo", if you will. *sigh* I'm not some 8 year old, and CoD has completely lost its modern military theme. I really do hope the franchise isn't headed this way, and that Ghosts is just a crappy spin off that'll be quickly abandoned.

And more small maps? What variety! EVERY DLC map is small/medium-small. And the SMG/Assault rifle? Yeah, like we needed more of those. There are now 10 ARs, 7 SMGs, and 5 snipers, yet 4 subpar LMGs and shotguns. MRs are hybrids obviously so they're counted as ARs and snipers. With that said, there are 12 ARs, and 7 snipers.

The unfair latency (that I somehow ONLY get in Ghosts out of my 5 CoD titles) causing players to be 1 second behind really does cater to skilless kids with a lag advantage, as do random/revenge spawns, an excess of flanks, and the nerfing of high skill weapons such as shotguns.

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Re: The new maps look boring as ever (Devastation)...

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it looks pretty good to me. smaller maps rock.

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