Theater - and when it doesn't record games

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Theater - and when it doesn't record games


We have recently been getting an influx of reports from people that some games are not being recorded and made available in Recent Games. This isn't new in any way, shape, or form.

Really long games (where the size of the Theater replay gets too big) can get cut off or dropped. Some of you had figured this out already; we print a message in Private Matches that even says this.

I wouldn't expect anyone to understand the design and technology trade-offs you make when designing features, although we still do our best to explain them.

Doing the Theater the way we do it (network storage instead of local storage) is great in that it allows you to see any person on the teams view in 1st person, and not just 1st person of the host, or yourself, and 3rd person for everyone else.

Much of the great Theater footage, montages, and machinima that have been made would not be possible had we done it a different way.

It comes with the downside that you are not recording your own games. The host is. If the host can't handle it in a public game (runs out of bandwidth, etc) we drop the recording so as to not compromise the game experience.

As a first person shooter, this was a critical design decision for us and one I am personally glad we made even to this day.

We understand that it can be frustrating to not be able to access Recent Game where you had that double bank shot quad non-scope ladder stall 360. We get it. Personally, I had a great 4-banger grenade I wanted to brag about and couldn't get to it. A little piece of my soul died.

The feature is very reliable and has a great success rate consider the sheer number of games that get played every second of every single day. It is an incredibly stable feature for as complex and heavy hitting as it is.

The next time you can't access a Recent Game you really wanted, please take a deep breath, and consider how many games did make it Recent Games for the thousands being played right now, and how far we've come from not having this feature in Call of Duty at all to where it is today and where it can go in the future.

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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

I've had a couple games i've wanted to access but couldn't find in Theatre, so much appreciated for coming on the forums and explaining the reason!

While you're here though.. Any news on the Gunship glitch getting fixed any time soon? I still get the uncontrollable glitch almost everytime.
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

I am experiencing a different problem to this, everytime I try and record a game or put it into my fileshare I get a blue and green checkerboard effect where a picture of the map is and the recording cant be viewed by anyone else.

This has only happend since the last update for me, also its nearly impossible for me and my friends to find a game when we are in a party of six players and this has only happend since the last update aswell.
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

My bigges problem is when I've got some friends with me watching a clip and when I do something like rewind they see nothing
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

Makes sense.
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

This has gotten very aggravating, but at the very least it's nice to see some explanation. This doesn't happen nearly as it did before the update, so I'm pretty damn sure it has something to do with that too.
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

The games where the host dashboards or when their connection (or mine) legitimately drop don't bother me whatsoever, it's the ones where their is no obvious reason for the failure to record the games.

It happens occasionally but I had a spell the other day where none of my games recorded for over an hour (about 5 or 6 games in total, think there was 1 host migration during the hour). I think this may have had something to do with it that I was in an Xbox Live party during all of these games and as soon as I came back on later that night they all recorded fine again.

I also checked my friend's recent games (who I was in the Xbox Live party with) and none of the games recorded in his file share either.
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games


Do the game recordings get transferred to the new host during a host migration? If so, would this account for a perceived increase in failed host migrations because the old host kills his connection prior to getting the footage transferred?

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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

seems to be a more common problem when playing CTF when you go into overtime, lost the start of one game where i went 89-1 and the whole game where i went 89-5, but i guess its a good thing i dont upload videos to youtube
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Re: Theater - and when it doesn't record games

The ONLY game where I get a *insert high angle here* tomahawk over B-bomb building on Stadium right before getting Ammo.

I was SO happy. Went to theater > The File you are looking for could not be found or has been removed.

it went downhill from there.
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