Theory/Story behind Zombies

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I don't feel like waiting to make my final copy so I'm posting a new thread "G-Magic Theory" with all of the information I have gathered so far.
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Awsome job dude. The message on the radio talks about 115 and the 115 is on a up stairs. The message says that it's dangerout. Let's find out waht it does =D lol

Again, good job =]
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Nice Work!!!

I'm glad someone does the grunt work...

I know I wouldn't...!!!

Thanks again for your time & effort!!!
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very nice very well thought out nice putting it together
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theres anoother thread about this
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If you guys are really all that interested in this, then you can check out this site that is completely focused on discovering the Zombie storyline. is the name and the forums there are just amazing. It's full of so many ideas and suggestions that we're all having problems keeping up. We've got 19 pages full of theories and suggestions about the storyline. It's definitely a site to check out.
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I posted this on a thread at regarding Carbinfibah's theory, which is similar to yours. In his theory, he mentions that Nikolai says something about 115 or the meteorite and that the Red Menace would be impressed or fascinated with this. He didn't what the "Red Menace" was so here was my response:

Tell the guy if you can PM him or anything, that the "Red Menace" refers to Stalin, I bet. My social studies teacher told us that he was called the "Red Terror", and Menace and Terror can mean the same thing. Stalin wanted to scare his people even more into worship to him, and completely terrorized the public, with his Secret Police Force, the "Talent Purges" (Where many talented people, like Army Commanders, Actors or Athletes were killed off because they took attention away from Stalin), the Death Camps or "Dulags" and the man-made famines by booting farmers off their land and into collective, shared farms where many farmers refused to work. The farmers slaughtered livestock and destroyed grain as a refusal to follow Stalin's orders, then they located to factories, where they didn't know how things worked. Due to their poor performance, they were sent to the Dulags in Siberia to die

So maybe they'll involve Stalin with this zombie thing in MP3?
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Very good
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