This is how the new perks should be

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Tier 1

Marathon-unlimited sprint, Marathon Pro-Climb ladders and vault objects faster, Marathon Veteran-Sprint even faster

Sleight of Hand-Faster reloading, Sleight of Hand Pro-Faster aiming down the sight or scope, Sleight of Hand Veteran-Knifing faster(like commando but not extreame knifing)

Scavenger-Resupply from dead bodies, Scavenger Pro-Extra mags upon spawning, Scavenger Veteran-Mags hold 45 rounds

Bling-Allows two attachments to primary weapon, Bling Pro-Allows two attachments to secondary weapon, Bling Veteran-Allows three attachments to primary weapon

Overkill-Allows the player to wield 2 primary weapons, Overkill Pro-Switching weapons alot faster, Overkill Veteran-Carry a Secondary

Tier 2

Stopping Power-Increased bullet damage by 40%, Stopping Power Pro-Increased damage versus vehicles, Stopping Power Veteran-Increases bullet penetration through walls and objects(Replaces FMJ)

Hardline-Killstreaks require 1 less kill, Hardline Pro-Deathstreaks require 1 less death, Hardline Veteran-Deathstreaks require another 1 less death(2 less deaths to get)

Cold blooded-Makes the user invisible to enemy thermal optics, and enemy killstreaks, Cold blooded Pro-No red crosshair or name when targeted, Cold blodded Veteran-Jams the enemy radar when they are close enough(Replaces scrambler)

Danger Close-Increased explosive damage, Danger Close Pro-Increased damage from killstreak rewards, Danger Close Veteran-Gives your weapons alittle explosive damage(The rounds explode for alittle more damage)

Tier 3

Steady Aim-Increased hip-fire accuracy by 15%, Steady Aim Pro-Breath can be held longer during sniping, Steady Aim Veteran-Increased hip-fire accuracy by 30%

Ninja-Makes Player invisible to UAV's, Ninja Pro-4x quieter footsteps, Ninja Veteran-Silent knifing

SitRep-Detect enemy explosives (Claymores and C4) and Tactical Insertions, SitRep Pro: 4x louder enemy footsteps (Does not affect Ninja Pro users, whose footsteps remain at 1/4x regular volume), SitRep Veteran-Hear enemys voices

Last Stand-Use a pistol while bleeding out prior to death, Last Stand Pro: Use your equipment in Last Stand, Last Stand Veteran-You can revive people in last stand

Death streaks

Copycat-Allows you to steal your killer's class

Painkiller-After you respawn, this gives you twice the amount health for 10 seconds

Martyrdom-Drop a live grenade just after dying

Final Stand-You have a little more health than in Last Stand and if you survive long enough, you can get back up and continue to fight normally. This does not reset your ongoing killstreak
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Not bad.

Needs less perks from MW2, and more NEW perks.
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I think having the option of combining stopping power and overkill is not a good idea.
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How about let's leave the game configuring to the devs, shall we?

Me thinks so...

Wiggy out
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ice8eight wrote:


I think having the option of combining stopping power and overkill is not a good idea.

Not only do I agree-I promise if they do this I will abuse it on levels never before dreamed of.

So listen to Unka Wiggy and leave well enough alone.
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not bad but i would like to see death streaks gone and some new perks also. but i like the overall idea!
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