Thoughts on Pay To Play for Black Ops MP?

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I already pay for xbox live and most people arent going to pay to go on one game as well
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I fully agree if they make us pay again I am going to buy a PS3 and not buy CoD. I find this outrages I hope the company goes poor if they try and implement his "feature"
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if they make it pay to play i for sure will not be getting it no matter what they put in plenty of other games out there ya already pay for the internet ya xbox gold and the game nah no way id get it if they bring this crap in they just getting to money hungry
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well, i wouldnt pay to play it especially becuz im already paying for xbl. but, you know if this game turns out really good, and the fee was small(like 3bucks), then yea, i would.
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No way I could justify paying to play an FPS. Especially since I already pay for internet and XBL.
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jason_tha_killa wrote:


just came across this on the Call of Duty Wikia under trivia for Black Ops

It is rumored that Activision is planning on charging a fee for the multiplayer use of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This is a great idea.

I would love to pay 100 to 200 dollars to play!

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Yeah bad idea.
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Do they not use all the big bucks they make to help pay for servers? Really Activision? The only way that I would pay to play would be if it was like 5 bucks a year. Other than that no and Activison would for sure lose a lot of sales if they start pulling that crap.
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I think they would be a few plus points having a subscription fee to play MP

They would be fewer under age kids playing it as there Mum or Dad aint gonna fork out the extra money and also sign up for a subcription, which would be great for the community for many reasons.

They would also be more DLC released with various add ons and not just maps, which i presume would be included within the subcription fee.

They would be more updates and sort out problems alot faster than they do now.

Im not fused either way they would be a few plus points if it did become subscription based but im also happy how it is now.

I think a fair few ppl are over reacting about the subscription based MP idea, just think how much play time you get out of each call of duty title, 10 + days for most ppl and that's for £60 there is no other game or type of entertainment like the cinema that gives you near the amount of value for money call of duty games give you, so if they slapped another £50 a year on to that it would still work out pretty good value.
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