Thoughts on Pay To Play for Black Ops MP?

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i agree all the way
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That would be crap doing play and pay or whatever it is called...i would still get the game but not pay to play multilayer and i dont think they would coz they all ways have good sale but the sales would go down by a few mill
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no i would not pay more money

-firstly we pay xbox live - this already costing enough

-then we pay for the game - that will cost £40-50

-and paying anymore would just be unacceptable.
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If that was to happen, I wouldnt buy another Call of Duty or activision game again, Simple really.
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They better not because im already paying for xbox live and Microsoft points so i anit gonna waste more money just to play this game on multipayer, they better do it for free or they are gonna lose all there sales.
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I think you guys are reading too much into this, yah he said "COD" might go in this direction, but there is one coming out every year, if they make them the same Peer to Peer system, nobody is going to pay for it obviously, now if they make a hybrid COD game that is an MMO that is played on Dedicated servers and is constantly updated, Like WoW, then yes, you could expect to pay a monthly fee because those things do cost money.

A normal COD game will not be a pay to play game, there is more an more competition out there, and Activision is rather greedy, they know better than screwing up what they have with the regular COD games, I think they plan on making a game like MAG or something, that has like a couple hundred players etc, that is what they will charge for.
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Mark_666SKFL wrote:


I wouldnt pay for it.

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GREED, XBOX LIVE MONEY, COD7, FEE, WHAT NEXT??? crazy.... If this happens guys, il never buy a new cod, even if they removed the charge thing. They already earn enough money. I thought greg goodrich was a bastard. Then activision is the same. AND BTW, ITS NO F*ckin World of warcraft to pay to play. Its ridicilous.
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EA wanted to charge poeple for demos. But thats greed to but they dont charge poeple to pay for the real game. But its also stupid because u need to pay to test the game before u buy it. Thats weird to. But just stupid this. If this happens to every game in the next few years i just play old games back from 2000/2002, i already do btw.
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If there was dedicated severs i would 5$ for a life time play. but if its still P2P and they want me to pay for it they mights well just try to steel from my bank account b/c thats want there doing anyways.
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