Thoughts on Pay To Play for Black Ops MP?

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1st we buy the console,then the subscrition to xbox live,then we buy the game,then we buy the DLC,now they want to charge us again to play online.....i dont think so!!!!! if the game was free to download direct and you pay to play fair enough,or if there was no xbox live fee,maybe...but to pay for the console,game,xbox live, and any DLC and then to pay to play,FORGET ABOUT IT!!! after that little rant "i need a f*****g perk!"
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if so then they lost about 75% of there sales
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I won't be buying any games from Activision ever again if they do this.
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we already pay for live we dont need to pay again for a specific game
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I find this hard to believe.Seriously, pay for it? Are they insane? Did they not see the outrage and grief $15 dollars for a map pack caused? IF i paid for ANYTHING it would be for a dedi server for consoles. Other then that they can turn the game sideways and stick it where the sun dont shine.

*edit - Ill expand on this before i get ripped - Question to you, IF it was possible would you pay a monthly fee of say $15-$20 MOST to have a dedicated server for your console? I would. Regardless of wether or not its possible would you pay to host your own server?
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Three words for everyone... Medal of Honor!
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jason_tha_killa wrote:


what are all of your thoughts on this and would it affect your decision to buy the game is officially announced?

i pay my xbox live for a reason, i would never touch a cod title again if they started to charge people.
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i guess i wont play online, im allready paying for xbox live map packs are rediculous now, the game itself is 60 its dumb
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WARzH311ion wrote:


Three words for everyone... Medal of Honor!

Darn I was going to say that.

Here is the reason why I'm pretty sure this will not effecting this game. It has already been confirmed that there will be no Dedicated Servers for this game. This, along with the promise that a monthly fee would be accompanied by a lot of DLC and in-game support leads me to believe that this won't be coming to fruition this time around.

Hey, whenever they decide it would be a good idea to charge an additional monthly fee is when I switch over to something else. MOH is already getting my attention since it is promising Dedicated Server Support.
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if we have to pay extra, on top of buying an xbox, buying the game, paying for xbox live? i wont even think about buying it...
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