Thoughts on Pay To Play for Black Ops MP?

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There have been rumors of a MMORPG type of game in the COD series. If this is the case, then I can see charging a fee.

For the standard COD games, however, I do not think a fee is necessary. If they were to implement this I would move on to another game franchise.
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codchamp wrote:


O.K. i am gonna drop my 2 cents in here.I vow to never pay for a MP game from xbox.If i have to pay M$ a yearly due for live then i would never pay to play...But.....

After thinking about this for a bit here is where i really stand..I dont play much of anything else on Live other then the current or last COD game.I do put about 30-40 days playtime total per year into the franchise.If they were going to make pay to play MP for a charge of $10.00 per month lets say...I may go for it.But only on certain conditions.

#1 Lag free gaming with dedicated servers

#2 The best weapons balancing and hit detection of any game out there

#3 Blow me away graphics with superior sound

#4 More customs in the game

#5 Hack and glitch proof gaming and leaderboards.

All i am saying is for the price of Live @ $50.00 per year.The inital cost of the game $70.00. a few map packs $30.00 and $120.00 For yearly charge from activision...Grand total $ 265.00 for 1 year of playing the best shooter game in the buisness i might be down for it....But like i said it better be one hella of a game and come with what i mentioned

Never thought of it like that..
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Activision nor Treyarch have said anything about the possibility of Pay to Play for Black Ops. The rumor of Pay to Play should be paired with the MMO CoD which is in development.
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I will not be buying Black Ops if this is true. With Medal of Honor, New Vegas, and Halo: Reach coming out this fall, I'm certainly not desperate for good FPS.
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I bought a PS3 instead of a 360 for the sole fact of not having to pay to play games online. If Activision decides to foolishly go through with this, I'll just have to play Battlefield more or whatever Respawn Entertainment is going to release.
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I'm already paying for my Live Gold account, and now we'd be supposed to pay for playing individual games? No way I'm gonna pay extra to play a single game. If they make me pay to play Black Ops online, I'm not goin' to buy it. Might buy the new Medal of Honor instead.
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I personally just wouldnt buy it because you have to pay and the last game that treyarch made with activison wasnt nearly as good as the modern warfares (exept for nazi zombies)
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SteelyAlpha 12 wrote:


I personally just wouldnt buy it because you have to pay and the last game that treyarch made with activison wasnt nearly as good as the modern warfares (exept for nazi zombies)

I think World at War was better than Call of Duty 4.
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If Treyarch did that, I would not buy the game, and I would likely not buy any of their future games.

Im already boycotting Infinity Ward, because of their terrible customer support. If they added a subscription charge, I would never buy any other Call of Duty game again.
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please please don't make me pay i can barly afford the game
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