Thoughts on Pay To Play for Black Ops MP?

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It would most likely be for dedicated servers for consoles if it was enacted.
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So uh Iw made over a billion with Mw2 & Treyarch will make roughly the same and activision would really expect us to pay extra just for multiplayer. I think not because if so BO will be left on my shelf collecting dust or better getting my money back ;D
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That's corporate america for ya,thank god Medal of Honor is being released before this.
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jason_tha_killa wrote:


just came across this on the Call of Duty Wikia under trivia for Black Ops

It is rumored that Activision is planning on charging a fee for the multiplayer use of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

If this ever happens i'm completely ditching COD and either going to BFBC, MoH or getting a life
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We already pay for xbox live, i refuse to pay extra for any game, except for dlc, you'd think activision had lined their pockets enough by not only releasing MW2 but also jewing IW legallly out of there own creation, if those greedy c o c k mongroling bastards think i'm going to pay a cent extra, they have another thing coming
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I'm positive the rumors and statements are in regards to the upcoming rumored CoD MMO, which would make sense.

This will not happen for the CoD FPS that we've grown to love.

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I will not buy this game if I would have to pay extra for multiplayer.
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i wouldn't pay for it!
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DistrictOfDeath wrote:


xtracrispy66 wrote:


This fee makes no sense, they could just do advertisements on loading screens. Advertisements on one of the most popular games out would cost companies a lot and should pay for so called Activision needs.

This, right here, is a great idea. Loading screens can use a little pizazz.

Well thank you i hoped someone would agree with me.
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I'd steal copies of the game and burn them so they lose money and hopefully there company crashes and goes bankrupt! Seriously I already pay for fucking XBL I shouldn't have to buy fucking MP content why won't you just charge the PS3 players for MP content since they get free MP and I pay money for my service which should cover all future charges.
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