Thoughts on Pay To Play for Black Ops MP?

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If this happens, we should at least be getting dedicated servers for the console release as well better moderation for hacking/glitching and WAY more frequent patches. Above all else we should DEMAND free DLC if were already paying subscription fees.

Anything less and were just lining Kotick's already bloated pockets and I could care less if he doesn't have enough money to buy his new gold plated jet this year.

Read the criticism section. Activision is run by greedy souless CEO's like him and as smart, discriminating consumers we have to demand that we actually get something out of our subscription fees beyond added debt.
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People who pay for MP shouldn't be able to get a perm ban they should get there ranks reset and they should be forced to play with other hackers or they could just patch the hacks?
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NO......Just No

i knew it wouldn't b long until treyarch was raped by activision.

greedy FUUCKS. if we BUY the game we should be able to do whatever we want, not pay more
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jason_tha_killa wrote:


thing thats messed up about that is we already pay anwhere between $60-$150 (diff editions) not to mention they will probs do a special edition console for $300 and they say they need money for servers. i think thats some BS they make millions (possibly billions) off of these games and dont forget the DLCs which sell millions so i really dont see how they can say its too expensive to run servers when the company is probably one of the richest game companies right now.

Yeah. They sold over a 14 million copies, each being priced at 60$-150$. Not to mention the map packs. To think that they're actually going to charge you a fee for maintaining servers when the company made over a billion dollars is just insane.

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Aaron K.-47 wrote:


wingedcolt wrote:


Not only will Treyarch and Activision loose sales but people will also protest any future games they do, I remember a interview Bobby Kotch or whatever the guys name is where he stated that he wanted to charge for online play but it would be next year and not this year.

The Interview he stated something along the lines that they would be charging $19 for 4 month's or $60 for a year on top of what Xbox live charges, he also said that future gaming addon's will raise in price to better suit Activision and the money they put into the games.

Now if this does happen I know a lot of people will return the game the very next day after they buy it and I for one would be one of those individual's.

i will never play CoD again if this happens

Neither would I
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If Activision went ahead with something like this, the only thing I would pay for is the opportunity to try and dunk Bobby Kotick at the annual Activision carnival.

Seriously, a pay for play system for an FPS? Consider that for a moment. They aren't using that money for dedicated servers, they aren't using it to produce faster and cheaper DLC or balance updates and they sure as hell aren't using it to hire more moderators for their games, so I see no reason to line Kotick's bloated pockets anymore then I already do.
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that would be really stupid.
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All I'll say about that is if they charge to play online then they can shove the game. I already pay for live then pay $65 for the game. There's plenty of other great games that I have and that are coming out that I can play online for free.
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u buy the game, that is the fee u have to pay (unless u want DLC). faggoty thread
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their not gonna do that. I will NOT buy it if they do. its ridiculous that we have to pay for Xbox live, not to mention a fee for a certain game
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