Total # of kills should activate killstreaks

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Bad idea.

1.They call it a streak for a reason and while campers may be able to get streaks truly experienced players can as well.

2.Deathstreaks are overly rewarding for death, but dying three times loses your KS? Even the greatest plyers three thrice in a row. Unfair.
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Thats just a terrible idea
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Wouldn't really eliminate camping because people would still want to get enough kills to get that reward whether they die or not. All it would really do is make it easier for people who die a lot to get killstreaks easier. Plus, dying needs to be something bad and not punishing someone for dying is foolish.
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worst idea ive heard all day.

its called a kill STREAK for a reason.
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IMO i think that mw2 had the best idea for killstreaks. i mean if someone can get a 25 KS they deserve a nuke(besides boosters ofcourse)
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I can understand where the OP is going,but its just not clicking.i mean,it WOULD be nice if this was set on only 1 match type(presumably for beginners)but the whole game?nope.
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this idea is better than killstreaks kills not count towards other killstreak...
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I like it it would be like

Tier 1-10

tier 2-20

tier 3-35

tier 4-55

as you can see getting chopper gunner or AC would be hard-tier 4 but a skilled player would get them very often which is realistic while a noob would just get to tier 3 (pave low etc) every now and then which is also realistic- and you could reduce the number depending on the game- tier 4 would be like 14 and etc or in a very long game mode it would go higher but i do think killstreak kills should count toward next killstreak

the majority of campers want a kill streak and this way all of them would be wanting to NOT CAMP so they could get in combat and get more kills
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xFirestormeX wrote:


This would be terrible.

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I really dislike this idea I'm sorry it's KILLSTREAK NOT KILLCOUNT.
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